ESET Version 5 Beta is here!

For those of you who have just been itching to test drive the beta of ESET Smart Security version 5 or ESET NOD32 version 5 the beta is now available. Just head over to and I am sure you can find it.

As always, remember that this is beta code and use on production systems is not recommended. Back up everything that is important to you. While we don’t expect any serious problems, regular back ups are a good thing regardless of whether or not you are using beta software.

Finally, be sure to use the feedback link on the same page where you download the beta for any bug reports or feedback. We do not take bug reports or feedback for beta testing in the blog.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education
Cyber Threat Analysis Center
ESET North America

Author , ESET

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  • Johan

    All I need to say is….. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Shara

    I dont like the check symbol. and the name "cloud reputation". Suggest you change it

  • Vinit

    i love it…………eset eset es E set eset………;)

  • jose


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