April: that’s so last month

April? Haven't we moved on from there?

Well, yes, but ESET's ThreatSense report for April does include, apart from some information on the top ten threats for the month, a feature article by Urban Schrott on the far-from-dead 419 scam, some information on recent and upcoming events such as the AMTSO workshop (which I've just attended: much more information on that in the near future!), the CARO workshop (where I'd be now if I wasn't in my room waiting for a phone call), some pointers to some extensive work we've been doing on the TDSS bootkit (there's more to come on that, too), backup, and so on.

The Global Threat Report for April 2011 is on the Threat Center page at http://www.eset.com/us/threat-center, along with some other useful resources.

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