Oops. Where did the Internet go?

I was mildly amused to note that Internet connections to Georgia (Eastern Europe, not the US) and Armenia were cut off by a 75-year-old woman (though if I'd been working out of one of those countries myself, I might not have been amused at all).

This wasn't, it turns out, a Luddite protest at a world that hasn't always been changed for the better by escalating connectivity, or even a field test for Marcus Ranum's Perfect Firewall/IPS/Deep Packet Inspection and Application Security System. A pity: as someone whose journey through life is only a decade or so behind the lady in question, I sometimes feel pretty Luddite myself, and as a security nerd, I'd probably feel safer behind Marcus's appliance.

It turns out, though, that the lady was merely collecting scrap metal when she came across the cable and cut it in an attempt to steal it. As an entrepreneur of sorts myself (or consultant, as freelancers like me tend to be known in this business), I can understand the temptations that accompany scratching a living in a permanently depressed economy, I guess, but I hope never to be brought that low myself. Though it sometimes seems that the Third World is becoming the only one we have.

I do have to wonder though, what happened to the principle of media redundancy. (That's infrastructural redundant/backup communications pathways, not too many celebrities.) 

Are there really still nations with just one wire connecting them to the rest of the world? [Insert your own moral homily about the importance of physical security here…]

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Author David Harley, ESET

  • Zack

    I understand not wanting to have your blog be just an advertisement for your products but could you at least talk about them every once in a while.

    • David Harley

      Zack, what would you want to hear about the products? Not that I’m the best person to talk about the ESET product range anyway, but perhaps someone else could, if it would be useful. And subject to stuff like NDAs of course.

  • Adam Wilder

    That's  quite  interesting  how  the  mere  act of  cutting a  cable  could  take  out the internet  in a  region  of the world. Though   your  right  David  that  there  should  have  been  some  sort  of  redundancy  plan  that  would account  for  such.Well, hopefully  this  shall  enlighten  some  people to  not  become  too  complacent  with  having  only   just a  singular  means  of  data  transmission shall  one say..

  • Zack

    I'd be interested in hearing about how to get the most out of the product (i.e. turning on SSL scanning, configuring address management), ESET security concepts Smart Scans vs In-depth scans, what the Outlook or other mail client integration actually does/how it works,  upcoming features in new versions, even ERAS configuration/best practices (as I do run a network of a few hundred managed ESET clients). And yes, I've already read the manual and configured ESET to do more than most people ever do, I would like to read more than just security news on your's company blog. Tell me about ESET, the products, the company, the people.

    • David Harley

      Thanks, Zack. Not in my own research remit, but interesting and entirely valid suggestions. The thing is, what you’re describing isn’t really a “Threat Blog” but, as you say, a company blog. I don’t see anything wrong with having one though. In fact, it’s been discussed here – actually, there, since I don’t l work in one of ESET’s offices – and I’ll raise the topic again.

  • Zack

    Thank you, I appreciate it if you would let them know.

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