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You may not be aware that ESET writers have been supplying blogs to SC Magazine for a while now. Recently, Randy Abrams and I were drafted in after the original contributors moved on, and we started contributing this week:

  • Poachers and Gamekeepers considers whether there is a conflict of interest when AV companies work with companies and individual s who are or have been active in the malware research field to the point of writing "malicious" code, in response to some very pertinent ethical questions asked by Kurt Wismer.
  • Randy asks Who are the cybercriminals?, observing that there are many more types of cybercriminal than those who make the big splash headlines.
  • AV company, heal thyself looks in more detail at a fake security package that I've mentioned here before, and places it a wider context.

Hopefully, a few more people will contributing in the near future. I'll keep you informed.

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