Stuxnet, Iran and Anonymous

Links to two Stuxnet-related stories have been added to the resources page at /2011/01/23/stuxnet-information-and-resources-3/.

  • Kim Zetter, in Wired's "Threat Level" column Report: Stuxnet Hit 5 Gateway Targets on Its Way to Iranian Plant, summarizes the latest update to Symantec's Threat Dossier. Symantec researchers now believe that Stuxnet targeted five organizations in Iran as staging posts in the attack of their final target in that country.
  • Chris Barth writes for Forbes about the claim by the Anonymous group that it is in possession of the Stuxnet code. Decompiled Stuxnet code is certainly around here and there, but reversed code is one thing: whether Anonymous can make effective re-use of a threat that's already been under microscopes of anti-malware laboraties for many months is a different question. Anonymous Claims Possession Of Insidious Stuxnet Virus.

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