Another Stuxnet Resources Update

[Update: The Reuters article flagged on 6th February 2011 refers to a statement by the Russian ambassador to NATO claiming that Stuxnet could have caused "another Chernobyl": more info at Hat tip to @FSecure.]

Tip of the hat to Gary Mauvais for alerting me to an article by Nima Bagheri, CEO of U0vd: The Art of Deception for Stuxnet in Iran.  While the article doesn't read like the "authoritative" view from Iran, it makes some useful, sensible points and doesn't push an overt political agenda, though the conclusion does support what does appear to be the official Iranian line that this was an attack against Iranian nuclear operations, but that it wasn't successful.

Added to the Stuxnet Resources (3) page at /2011/01/23/stuxnet-information-and-resources-3/.

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