Stuxnet and Iran

I had an interesting conversation a few days ago with journalist/author John Markoff. I don't know that I was much help to him, since he was asking about the more speculative issues around the origin, purpose and targeting of Stuxnet, rather than on the details of the actual binaries and the ascertainable demographics which have been the main focus of our own research at ESET. Still, he was kind enough to say some complimentary things about our paper on Stuxnet, and he shared some interesting information and resources.

So today's New York Times article "Israel Tests on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay" by William J. Broad, John Markoff and David E. Sanger, doesn't come as a complete surprise to me. But, even though I still remain unconvinced by some of the speculative comment from Langner et al, the article is a notable addition to the information and commentary on this aspect of the Stuxnet phenomenon.

Of course, I've already added it to the Stuxnet Information and Resources blog post.

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