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I posted this on my "Check Chain Mail and Hoaxes" blog a couple of days ago, but so many people have viewed it there that I figure it'll interest quite a few readers of this blog: Facebook security issues are, after all, a major concern.

"It" is a ZDNet article – well, more like a slide show – by Zack Whittaker, called January 2011: The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide. It's in several parts.

I originally came across it via a Tweet pointing to InfosecIsland – sorry, I don't remember whose tweet! – but Ken Bechtel and Dave Marcus also flagged it.

(Thank you, Ken, for pointing out that it was Lance Miller who posted to InfosecIsland.)

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Author David Harley, ESET

  • Kenneth Bechtel

    it was Lance Miller who posted the original link to InfosecIsland

  • Charlie Brooks

    The thing with Facebook is: I'm just never sure that whatever I do to lock down my privacy settings won't be undone by Facebook at some time in the future in a surreptitious and unpublicized way. I think the safest course with Facebook is to assume that anything your record there will be made available to a 3rd party who can and will use it in ways to make your life difficult in the future. If you can't live with that, then wipe your account to the extent possible and "leave the building."

    • David Harley

      @Charlie: I quite agree. :-/

  • Adam Wilder

    If  I  may  say this?  I  don't  know how  many times  Facebook will  be  revamping their security  &  privacy settings  but, probably  on a  constant  basis.. After all, as    many  nefarious  persons  try  to  find  exploitive  ways  to  hack  into  site  and  steal  information  web masters  will constantly   have to find  ways to reduce the  likelihood  of  such  intrusions.. Personally,  I   don't  use  Facebook nor any  other  social-networking  site(s)  out there  due  to security issues.. Well,  I  do  hope that  Facebook  is able to  find the means  of  protecting  their  users  information  without  any  negative  implications  etc..

  • Annette Katona

    I am visiting here for help with accessing my Facebook site –  static.ak.fbcdn.net  is showing when trying to access. Google search came up with this being a problem with other people for other sites as well.  I have eset security and have done a scan of my computer that is here which says my computer is clear.  I can't even access hotmail – so would appreciate help with this. Is this a phishing scam or a trojan virus.  I was hoping to find an answer here. Have been able to access Facebook with my phone for time being but no full access on the laptop which I am needing to access.
    When I have rung your customer service dept in Brisbane here in Australia – I am advised to send an email for check settings and run scan . and an email will be sent to me with instructions.  I am unable to access another computer for email at present, and would like to have this information from your website instead, and am looking for it now. 
    Can someone shed light on this issue.  I can't even access Facebook help menu as I can't access it.
    Many thanks.

    • David Harley

      Annette, that sounds like a Facebook content delivery server, rather than a phishing or malware attack. There’s a post at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic316540.html that might make it clearer, though you might want to check with a PC technician before you try the fix listed there, if you don’t understand what it’s doing.

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