Facebook survey scam alert [updated]

...fake survey scam...

…fake survey scam…

[Updated: at the time I posted this, I also dropped a line to Graham Cluley, who has a lot of experience with dealing with these. He tells me that he can't find this scam live anywhere currently, but the page is still up at time of writing, and he's sent it over to FB security to be on the safe side. You may notice a comment below asking about remediation for this kind of attack: there's a shedload of links to various useful resources over at my Checkchainmail blog, which is devoted to a variety of scams, not just chainletters and hoaxes.]

I'm lapsing into Graham Cluley territory here, but I've become aware of what seems to be yet another fake survey scam:

This American GUY must be Stoned to Death for doing this to a GIRL (NO SURVEYS)!

This has only just hit my radar, but  postings on Gabberface and elsewhere suggest that it there is no video and there is indeed a survey. (Scammers do this because they can make money out of it…)

More information when and if available.

ESET Senior Research Fellow

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