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Another Virus Bulletin conference paper has just gone up on the ESET white papers page, by kind permission of the magazine.

Large-Scale Malware Experiments: Why, How, And So What? by Joan Calvet, Jose M. Fernandez, our own Pierre-Marc Bureau, and Jean-Yves Marion, discusses how they replicated a botnet for experimental purposes, and what use they made of the results. 


I recently wrote an article for (ISC)2's regular column in Computer Weekly. The article Security Zone: Faking IT support is now available on Computer Weekly's web site. Which reminds me that I also have an article on (ISC)2's blog on Stuxnet, Suxnet. In case you haven't heard enough from me on that particular subject.


The Global Threat Trends Report for September is also available on the Threat Center page at http://www.eset.com/threat-center. As well as the usual information on the top ten threats, there are articles on:

  • Can’t teach an old worm new tricks? (Feature article on Win32/Visal by Urban Schrott)
  • Nothing Succeeds Like Stuxnet
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Mac OS
  • FAQ about Twitter incident
  • Autumnal AMTSO
  • New White Papers

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