Social Media: 5 Unexpected Threats

Tip of the hat to @FSecure for directing my attention to a piece at Discovery News about 5 Unexpected Threats of Online Social Networking. The article touches on such issues as hidden charges for online games, information leakage through online apps, apps that send updates to your phone at a (substantial) charge, fake Facebook (et al) login pages, and fraud based on hijacked accounts (Londoning, which I’ve talked about here and here).

In fact, there are several articles there related to social networking, security and so on that might be of interest and use. Some more than others… I’m not personally convinced that some of the stories coming out of academia contribute as much to our understanding of computer security and the welfare of the everyday user as they do to the researcher’s PR and funding value.

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Author David Harley, ESET

  • E.J. Sexton

    The link to the "5 Unexpected Threats of Online Social Networking" article appears to be broken.

    • David Harley

      Thanks. Seems like the “l” in “.html” had fallen off. Fixed!

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