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Yesterday I came across a nice governmental resource at On Guard Online, listing some common email scams. Security gurus might not learn a lot from it, but as @SecurityGarden has pointed out, it's a good place to steer your less knowledgeable friends and family.

The same site has a number of other useful-looking pages, though I haven’t checked them all out personally: for example, talking to children about privacy and the internet, other forms of fraud and abuse, and social networking.

It would be remiss of me not to mention at this point Securing Our eCity, an independent site with somewhat similar aims to On Guard Online, and which ESET is collaborating with other organizations to maintain.

A while ago, I started working on an independent resource at Chainmailcheck that was intended to develop an idea I have about dealing with some types of chain letter. However, it's long been obvious that while hoaxes and semi-hoaxes haven't gone away (though they have diversified in vector and motivation), the world needs resources that are as flexible and adaptive as the fraudsters, and that's become rather more of a scams and spam information resource. I am committed to continuing to work on publicising such resources, here at ESET and elsewhere. I think I feel a white paper coming on.

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