One Billion Blocked – Malware and IE 8

IE Every layer of protection you add will harden the target against cybercrime. SmartScreen technology found in Internet Explorer 8 has recently clocked over 1 billion blocked potential malware downloads from malicious sites. By way of Terry Zink’s blog:

    • 1 billion malware blocks is an amazing milestone and an example of two things.
    • First socially engineered attacks like malware continue to be a real threat for users on the web.
    • Second, to help keep you safe online your browser needs to continually enhance and improve its service. We have got better and better at blocking malware through the SmartScreen Filter because we have continued to invest in our back end service since we released IE8 in March 2009.

Whether it’s your browser, your wireless router, your operating system or your applications, every advantage is needed against a global threat which works 24/7.

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