Is Facebook Making a Funny Face?

There may be a new worm on Facebook today. Unfortunately I don’t yet have enough data to be conclusive. A friend received an IM from a friend on Facebook that said

Hey i just made myself a cartoon omg lol ill show you but you gotta do urs too

The IM also included a link which leads to a web site that claims to allow you to upload a picture and it will turn it into a cartoon for a fee. While my friend did not click on the link, his friend did not send the IM, but did click on the same message when he got it from a friend.

 Now it would be really great to report this to Facebook, and I did because I have a contact, but for the average user this would be really hard to report as there is no clear and easy to find “report a security problem” mechanism on the Facebook website

Facebook is investigating. At the very least this is an IM spam attack, but it isn’t clear if it is in conjunction with a worm. Regardless, never click blindly on a link a friend sends you. Always exchange a message or two and ask if they really did send you the link. If they say “no” then you know it is a problem.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • David

    I have been following your blog entries in RSS for a while and they seem really interesting. I wonder if I can send you some JS code  that has been circulating a lot in fb, in the kind of "cheat x game" fb pages, requesting you copy it to your clipboard and then run it in your browser.

  • Randy Abrams

    You can email me the scripts at Just put them in a password protected zip file and use the password "infected" without the quote marks.

  • Raeann Gellinger

    Heya,Useful post, although i’m more interested in what will come out of this google vs facebook social network war. I have not found out much news on it recently, which most likely indicates that it is definitely not that far off, but i have a sense its going to really mean many great changes to social networks. For me, i’d rather facebook came out of the battle still in the lead simply because google’s already large enough, additionally they currently hold a lot data on everyone. I do not reckon that the two can exist though, either google’s social network will dominate or completely crash. What does everybody else believe?

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