Securing Our eCity Listed as Winner of National Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge

Securing Our eCity 2010 For the Best Local/Community Plan, Securing Our eCity San Diego and MyMainePrivacy were both selected as winners. Both proposals offered innovated strategies for grassroots collaborative approaches with state and local government, public and private sector, and the academic community through their online classroom style trainings.

The National Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge, which Secretary Napolitano announced in March, received more than 80 proposals, from which seven were selected and recognized at the White House ceremony today. The winning proposals will help inform the National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign.

Secretary Napolitano announced the winners of DHS’ National Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge—which called on members of the public and private sector companies to develop creative and innovative ways to enhance awareness of the importance of cybersecurity and safeguard America’s computer systems and networks from attacks.

    • “Everyone has a stake in cybersecurity, and everyone has a role to play in keeping our networks safe,” said Secretary Napolitano. “The winners of the Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge are being recognized for their unique, innovative ideas to raise public awareness about one of our nation’s most pressing security threats.”

Led by DHS, the National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign is designed to engage the American public, the private sector and state and local governments in efforts to guard against cyber threats and communicate strategies for the public to help keep themselves, their families and communities safer online.

Liz Fraumann recently posted about this on the Securing Our eCity Blog:

Also in attendance: President Obama, who showed his appreciation for public private partnership:

  • …the business, national and civilian sectors [are] all working in concert which can only be done by coordinating mechanisms that have already been set up and our willingness to participate.
  • I am very grateful to you for that.

The President also laid out the successes we’ve had to date, including bolstering federal networks, creating a unified response to future cyber incidents, making historic investments in research including broadband, a smart grid, and electronic health records. And of course, “strengthening public/private partnerships both cooperatively on the domestic as well as the international side. That is evidenced by your presence here today.”

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