I was greeted with the most charming email this morning. A young lady is so impressed with me that she wants to share our heart's desires. Take a look... she sent it in two languages to make sure I would understand her.

Ahh, but then I checked out who the email was sent to… It seems I’m just another “undisclosed recipient”.

This is a common scam, but usually the guy pretending to be a woman has enough brain cells left to actually address the email to the recipient. No doubt a response would elicit another email claiming that “she” is in a refugee camp and needs help accessing millions of dollars.

We’ll test my theory. I replied with the following…

Hi Binta,

I am truly touched at your tenderness and warm heart. Let's talk of love and life.
I hope you will not mind if my wife joins the conversation as well.
There is more than enough love to go around, I think you agree.

Hugs and Kisses,

Mr. Undisclosed Recipient

PS. You can call me Un. That is what all of my friends call me.

Randy Abrams
Director of Making Fun of Stupid Scammers