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I like Macs. Not in an "OS X is God's own Operating System" sort of way, but I've owned/used many Macs, from SE/30s and IICX's to iMacs, eMacs and Macbooks. In fact, at least two of my books were written on the Powerbook which was my workhorse machine in my last couple of years at Imperial Cancer Research Fund.  I also currently run an independent Mac security site called Mac Virus which I inherited from Susan Lesch back in the 90s (when I was something of a specialist in Mac anti-malware testing).

So it's not surprising that I'm taking a keen interest in the development of ESET's NOD32 for OS X, which is currently in beta. (The scanner, not OS X…) It's just gone into the next "beta 2" stage, as reported here (includes a link to the download). There's also a download link and some more Mac malware information here.

Mac Virus is largely used for Mac-specific blogging, but I've been doing some site development over the past few days that might interest you, if you've read this far.

The first phase of a Mac malware descriptions page is here. Yes, I know there are only two items there right now, but it takes time to write a description and verify links. :) There will be more over the next few days, if other things don't get in the way. If you really can't wait, I've also made some additions to the security resources page here so you can check out other information resources.

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