Monthly ThreatSense Report: What Do You Think?

In March 2010 we changed the format of this document, as we found that some people thought it was just a list of the top ten threats, which hasn’t been the case for a long while. Of course, those data are still included, but we’ve moved them to the end of the document. As you’ll see from the Table of Contents when the April report comes out, it includes one or two further changes to the format and, more importantly, the content of the document.

We'd like to know what you think, though. If you have any thoughts on how the look and feel of the document could be improved, and what further changes you'd like to see to the content, we'd be very interested to hear about it. Please comment here in the first instance.

I'll put up a link on the blog when the April report is available, but in the meantime, the reports for the first three months of this year are still on the Threat Center page at, if you'd like to see how they're evolving so far.

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Author David Harley, ESET

  • Shane Turnr

    The March format is a great improvement. The news at the top is much nicer and makes the report more interesting to read. The Top 10 is interesting in its own way, but really isn't of much use unless there is a significant change in the top 10 that would warrant drawing attention to. In that case a paragraph or two in the first half could announce the change.

  • David Harley

    Thanks for that. The problem with the top 10 in the context of proactive detection is that the name of the detection doesn't necessarily tell you anything about the actual threat unless you know a fair amount about how the product works. Flagging a significant change close to the beginning of the document is a good idea, IMHO.

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