Armor-Piercing Rounds for Chain Mail

In my copious free time, I contribute to and in some cases maintain a number of other blogs (the ones with a security bias are listed in my signature here).

The chainmail/hoax checking page at was specifically set up to explore a hoax/chainletter mitigation project that's still in the preparatory stages, but I've been posting there occasionally when there's been something to comment on that might appeal to a more specialized audience.

However, one or two of those posts have attracted a larger audience than I expected. This weekend – this morning, in fact – there have been several issues that merited a post, so I thought it was probably a good time to flag some pointers here to posts that readers of this blog might also find interesting.

"Twitter hoaxes, muppets, and the cult of celebrity" takes issue with the common practice of impersonating other people by posting in their name to their Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, and so on. Is "fraping" (an ugly contraction of Facebook + raping) significantly different to cyber-bullying or Londoning?  Or am I just a grumpy old man?

"Information Week: 'seven fantastic Internet hoaxes'” picks up on some themes cited in an article by Alice LaPlante in Information Week, including the use and misuse of the BCC field in email, the use of real and fake news stories in blackhat SEO, sympathy hoaxes and cancer-related hoaxes. (That last category has occupied quite a lot of my professional life, having worked in the past for a cancer research organization and the UK's National Health Service.)

"April 1st Re-revisited" picks up on some themes I also addressed here.

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