CanSecWest: Mitigation versus Impregnability

Inevitably, CanSecWest  2010 kicked off with the promised and eagerly-awaited Pwn2Own hacking contest, in which a number of effective protection strategies (DEP, code signing, ASLR [1]) failed to prevent determined vulnerability researchers making loadsamoney by circumventing them with attacks on Firefox and IE8 on Windows 7, Safari, and the iPhone.

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The take-home message from all this, though, is that there is a difference between mitigation and invulnerability. What software can do to protect you can be undone by other software: in the last analysis, whether those software attacks are actually worth implementing is a matter of Cost/Benefit Analysis. $100,000 in prize money is a good incentive, but so is a moneyraking botnet.

[1] DEP: Data Execution Protection
ASLR: Address Space Layout Randomization

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