iPad scammers target the unwary

The Apple iPad is the current gadget du jour amongst the digerati and has been seeing strong presales, with estimates as high as 150,000 units on the first day.  With such attention in the media and the blogosphere, it is no wonder that both legitimate businesses and scammers have taken to using it as bait in their offers.

An Apple iPad is a very expensive promotional item compared to the usual types of  items which are given away for free, and the company behind the offer may have an ulterior motive for collecting your information.  Even if the offer is legitimate, you may find yourself the recipient of unwanted emails, postal mailings and phone calls from telemarketers who are business partners of the company giving away the Apple iPad.  It may be a lot less expensive, especially in terms of time and frustration, to just buy one yourself. 

For more information about Apple iPad scams, I would suggest reading this article from the Examiner.Com news web site as well as this this article from the WalletPop consumer finance web site.


Aryeh Goretsky, MVP, ZCSE
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