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ThreatSense.Net® is a form of distributed computing that for several years has supplemented and extended the capabilities of the ThreatSense® detection engine, which is the heart of the advanced heuristics that characterize ESET products. ThreatSense.Net® sends back information to the Virus Labs on both known and new threats. As well as tracking the prevalence of known malware, it also augments the processes of sample collection and refinement of detection.

Version 4.2 of NOD32 antivirus and ESET Smart Security, which has just been released, will enhance the capabilities of ThreatSense.Net® by collecting more anonymous information from protected machines: this will enhance response times and accuracy based on statistics and reputation.

The changes, which will also be ported back to previous versions, will be completely transparent and will not have an adverse effect on system performance; data will remain anonymized; and participation is still an option, not a default.

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