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Wearing my vendor-independent Apple/smartphone commentary hat, I've just posted a couple of blogs on the Mac Virus site that some of you might find of interest. OK, suit yourselves. ;-)

"Touching (or Bumping) Base" addresses a mixed bag of issues:

  • Charlie Miller's presentation on fuzzing for "20 zero-day holes … in closed source Apple products" for CanSecWest next week
  • SC Magazine's report of Eugene Kaspersky's prediction that smartphones will replace computers and the need for security will dwindle as a result (OK, that's certainly an oversimplification).
  • Reports in The Register by Bill Ray on (1) China Mobile and the iPhone (2) PayPal's "Bump" app for the iPhone and its security ramifications.

"The Death of the Computer" comments at some lengths on the Kaspersky predictions (sounds like a 1970s thriller title, doesn't it?). Will my Blackberry really replace my laptop? Can smartphones be a security-free zone?

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