Dumb or Devilish? You Decide…

[Update: so far I have two votes for dumb. Maybe I'm giving this spammer too much credit, and it is a simple "spam template fail" ;-) On the other hand, while I wouldn't vote "evil genius", I'd still love to know how many people actually fall for this – I don't have a problem envisaging a naive victim. :)]

Sophos's Graham Cluley has published a blog about his contender for "the dumbest malware attack he's seen this week": spammed malware received on the 19th March with an attachment that's supposed to be a Christmas card.

Well, I take his point: it does seem pretty stupid.

But let's think about this for a moment. Of course, if you're reading this, you're probably cautious already about opening spammed attachments and less susceptible to this particular social engineering ploy (and, hopefully, running up-to-date security software which might well catch it). But if you were one of the more naive or less well-informed people who do click on attachments without thinking too hard about it, would you be put off by the anachronistic timing? Or would it make you more curious?

I think you might actually want to know who it was from and why it was so late. What do you think?

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