Buzz, Privacy, Google, and You

A couple of weeks ago Google added Buzz to Gmail and in doing so exposed the contacts of many users without their knowledge. This created quite a stir and Google had to make some changes fairly quickly.

I am quite interested in the thoughts of people concerning how Google launched Buzz and if it changed their thoughts about Google, so I launched a survey. The survey is at and will close tonight at 11:45 PM Pacific time.

In the next few days I’ll be sharing the results of the survey as well as some observations about the numbers, what they might indicate, and some unexpected results.

If you use Gmail and will take a moment to participate, it will make things a lot more interesting to have more participation. Please do share the link and encourage others to share their thoughts and opinions as well. Please feel free to share the link as well.

I’ve been Buzzing some of the results already under the Gmail account at

Do people know about how Buzz was launched? Do they think it was wrong? Did it affect their trust or respect? Surprising results to follow!!!!!

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Sniper

    google has always been known to push the limits of personal privacy in the name of product advancement.
    btw, if you're into learning real-world security threats such as unfixed web exploits, check out the latest post at pinoysecurity and see the actual exploit codes before the post is removed or the "holes" be fixed.

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