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Two new white papers have been posted on the white papers page at

(1) "Ten Ways to Dodge CyberBullets" by David Harley

Around New Year it seems that everyone wants a top 10: the top 10 most stupid remarks made by celebrities, the 10 worst-dressed French poodles, the 10 most embarrassing political speeches and so on. We revisited some of the ideas that our Research team at ESET, LLC came up with at the end of 2008 for a "top 10 things that people can do to protect themselves against malicious activity."

While much of the content in this paper comes from a series of blogs from the beginning of 2009 and based on that material, it’s been updated here with more recent material from other members of ESET’s research teams across the globe and appeared here as a series of blogs which has just been completed.
(2) "Conficker by the numbers" by Sebastián Bortnik

This is a translation for ESET LLC of a document previously available in Spanish by ESET Latin America (see
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