The Google End Game

I came across an interesting side effect of Google forcing Gmail to be a social networking site.

A young lady in middle school replied to a Buzz about what you think about Buzz. Her response?

“I am just getting the hang of Buzz right now too. I don't really go on blogging websites since my mom won't let me, but I think that it's kinda cool”

So, Google just took control out of the hands of parents in one fell swoop. The young lady was allowed to have email, but her parents had no idea she would be signed up for a micro-blogging service with absolutely no notice at all.

Great family support Google… Way to go… Google, contact me off line if you care to notify the parents of the minor about how you circumvented their control of their daughter’s computer use.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

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