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I recently blogged about Patching an iPhone. I’m not sure if I’ll get anymore takers for the survey at, but if I do I’ll update the results.

With 24 responses in, here is what I found.

15 (62.5%) users reported connecting their iPhones to a computer running iTunes at least once a week. Of note, all three of the users who reported owning their iPhones less than 6 months connect at least once a week.

5 (20.8%) users reported connecting to at least once a month.

3 (12.5%) users reported less frequently than monthly, but at least every two months

1 (4.2%) connected less than once every two months.

While some people did not answer the question about how they learned of the survey, the vast majority learned from the blog or a security related tweet. The one response I know came from a non-security related method was one of the people who connects weekly and has owned their iPhone for more than 6 months.

As I expected most readers here tend to connect their iPhones frequently enough that they aren’t at risk of missing critical OS patches for their devices. It would be interesting to see how this stacks up against the average user who doesn’t read security blogs.

If I get more responses by the close of the survey on Friday I’ll update the results. If any of you play farm games, etc. on social networking sites, or can otherwise get people from non-security areas to respond it will make the survey more interesting!

Oh yeah, one response was from an iPod Touch user, but that counts!

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