Two new papers have gone up on the ESET White Papers page at (Strictly speaking, they're not altogether new: they include some material that has previously been blogged here.)

The Internet Book of the Dead is a bit different from other papers you’ll find on the ESET white papers page. (Technically, it’s not actually an ESET paper.)

It's essentially a transcript of an interview with the BBC that never happened because of synchronization issues: I couldn't get into the studio at the time when the interview was needed. However, it seemed a pity to waste the material I put together in preparation.

A version has already appeared on this blog, but the white paper version is at:

2010: Cybercrime Coming of Age is the result of the Research teams in ESET Latin America and ESET, LLC putting their heads together to discuss the likely shape of things to come in the next 12 months in security and cybercrime.

The full paper is available here

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