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I just received another request to follow me on Twitter on a protected account, so perhaps it's time I clarified what all those accounts that are and aren't in my signature are for.

@dharleyatESET is a protected account largely for work purposes.  I only accept requests to follow from people who really need to know (sometimes) what I'm doing and where I'm doing it. It's hardly ever used, so unless you work quite closely with me, you're not missing anything.

@esetresearch is the official twitter account for this blog: any of the people who blog here may use it. @ESETblog was originally set up for the same purpose: it's now strictly speaking a personal account, and at some point I'll get around to renaming it.  @dharleyatAVIEN is, unsurprisingly, the account I use for AVIEN work, but I usually send infosec retweets, blog and white paper info to all three accounts, so you probably wouldn't want to follow all three of them.

(Why have three then?  Because it's the easiest way to ensure that everyone who follows just one of those accounts gets the same alerts.)

@ESETLLC sends out lots of technical information and updates including retweets of stuff that . @ESET isn't the research team: it posts some marketing information, but also points to interesting security stories from non-ESET sources.

If you do follow any of my accounts, you'll probably notice that I often don't notice when people try to engage me in conversation on Twitter (and other social networking media). I'm afraid I have an old-fashioned preference for email or IM for that. Partly because at any one time I usually have at least two machines running and multiple windows open on each. Sad, huh?

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