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Jeff Debrosse, ESET's Senior Director of Research, has published some further resources on his personal blog at http://jeffdebrosse.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/haiti-info-and-update/ (help resources and security resources). As he explains there, Jeff is personally and emotionally closer to this tragedy than most of us, and I hope that his family all turn up safe and sound.

I've also received pointers to one or two additional resources as comments to this blog and others. Unfortunately, I don't feel able to add any resource that doesn't come from a trusted source unless I'm able to verify it personally. I apologise if this means that I'm missing genuine, well-meant resources, but this is, after all, a security blog. E.M. Forster said (in Howards End)something like "the confidence trick is the work of man, but the want-of-confidence trick is the work of the devil": I may admire the moral principle behind that statement, but I feel I owe it to our readers to be reasonably sure that I'm not publishing resources that expose them to risk of fraud.

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