Low Tech Theft

In this day of high tech international data theft, sometimes we forget that all of the old school attacks are still out there.  There was a stark reminder reported by Apple Insider.

Apple purchasers may be at more risk because of the high dollar value of Apple computers compared to PCs. If I go to a store to buy a PC, it is quite possible I will walk out with a computer worth $400 or less. If I buy a Mac, it is almost certainly going to cost much more than that. The resale value will make a Mac a much more attractive target and the bad guys know this.

Cars remain a very bad place to store valuables.  I rarely leave my laptop in my car, and when I do, it is generally secured with a Kensington style lock. Most all portable computers, Macs included, have a slot for a Kensington style lock. I recommend buying one and using it religiously. When I am at a conference with 100 people I trust, I still lock my computer if I have to leave it unattended. I may trust the people I am with, but that doesn’t mean someone untrusted can’t get in.

In general, it is a bad idea to leave anything expensive in your car. Go home and secure the item.  If you must stop for something and the item is portable then carry it with you. If you are leaving home with something valuable then put it in your trunk before anyone can see you.

When it comes to low tech theft, no PC platform matters, you have to still be aware of the traditional crime methods.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Johan

    Hmmm that's why I buy Apple products on Apple.com HAHA :).  
    But of course it's sad that it really needs to happen at all.

  • Carbonyl

    As an important note: Most locking cables sold as 'Laptop' locks are pitifully easy to defeat with a pair of pliers that anyone can hide in their pocket. I learned this the hard way, when I left my laptop locked to my desk, went to get a drink from the water cooler, and came back to my (populated!) office to find someone had snipped the cable and walked off in a span of under five minutes.

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