ESET Beats Microsoft to the Punch

I recently got a new MacBook Pro and set up Windows 7 and ESET Smart Security on it. This morning when I started the computer ESET Smart Security notified me that my operating system wasn’t up to date. This was a bit of a surprise because I updated everything when I installed the operating system. It turns out that ESET Smart Security detected that Windows Defender’s definitions were out of date before Windows even knew about it! Was it a simple timing fluke? I’ll have to wait and see if that happens more often. It may be that ESET Smart Security makes Microsoft’s Windows Defender better :)

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • hi u guys can u help me see the difference between ESET Smart Security 4 and Microsoft Security Essentials (Microsoft Antivirus) i mean the rate of detection of the both antivirus and the speed !!!

  • Johan

    Hi Randy!
    Well I didn't know you were using a Mac !-)  However I just wanted to ask if you are using Eset's Mac AV beta on your MBP ?
    And if it's working good if you are using it.    I myself don't own a Mac yet but I will very soon!

  • Miro Majtaz

    It happens regularly ;)

  • @Johan: I don't know about Randy's experiences, but the beta has worked without problems for me, so far. I haven't had a chance to test it exhaustively yet, though.
    @Miro: good to have an unbiased endorsement. ;-)

  • Randy

    I mostly use Windows on the Mac :) I haven't seen any problems with the MAC AV yet, but the product is much more Mac like than Windows like, which means you have fewer choices for configuration. For many people that is good, but for some it is annoying.
    The Mac beta is free to try at

  • Johan

    @David Harley!
     I see, good to hear that it has been working great so far. However when you have done more of the exhaustively testing, can you make a blog post about it then?

    • @Johan: what I plan on doing is really for internal feedback: by definition, a beta product is going to change a lot in the run-up to release. There are disclosure issues, too, and if we spend too much time here talking about our own products, we’re moving away from our research remit and might be seen as dabbling in marketing. That doesn’t mean we would never blog about a product, even a beta product: it would depend on context.

  • Johan

    Right, I understand how you mean David no problems.
    However, I do search on YouTube a couple of times a week to see if anyone have done a short review of any kind about your EAV for the Mac.
    And I found this video Posted by (ESETfeedback) a while back, though wonder why he didn't post this on your Wilders forum? Or maybe he did :)
    The uploader ESETfeedback belives it's a Bug. 

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