What if your Virusproof Computer Catches a Virus?

An Australian company claims to have launched a “virusproof” computer. They even say “
A fast, easy to use, computer that never gets viruses, EVER !” and then on the same page say “In the rare event that you manage to catch a virus on your virusproof computer, we will re-load both Zone 1 and Zone 2 onto your computer." In other words, poof! All of your saved documents, pictures, and personal data are gone.

Doh, if your virusproof computer catching a virus in a rare event, then it really isn’t virusproof, is it? If it won’t catch a virus ever, then why do you only get a 5 year warranty? After all, they boldly proclaim it will not get a virus EVER. Additionally, if you return it multiple times because of viruses, then they reserve the right to start charging you for repairs. So, you pay to return the product that did not perform as advertised.

If you don’t care about losing all of your data and personalizations, you can reinstall Windows if you get a virus and you don’t have to pay shipping. You see, under their 5 year warranty if you send in your computer due to a virus, you must first back up all of your data since they aren’t going to be responsible for your data, they will obliterate it.

I can buy a new computer with a CDROM or built in recovery partition and restore my computer to factory condition without paying for shipping or waiting for it to be returned.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A company that boldly tells you its computers are virus proof and reserves the right to charge you for repairing infected virusproof computers is really not to be trusted.

It takes a trained nose and palette to taste a wine and tell exactly where it came from, but snake oil is really pretty easy to spot… even from over 7,500 miles away!!!

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

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