The Honour’s All Mine

(Much) earlier this year, Randy posted a blog on some email he received about his inclusion into the 2009/2010 Princeton Premier Honors Edition Registry (

I was reminded of it (yes, Randy, someone does read your blogs ;-)) when I got a couple of emails telling me I'd been nominated for an entry into the Marquis Who's Who In America. In fact, I assumed the first one was spam at best and ignored it, but when I got a reminder, I checked back to Randy's blog to see if it was the same publisher, which it apparently isn't. In fact, although there are indeed lots of "Who's Who" vanity scans, Who's Who In America seems to have some legitimacy, according to Wikipedia ('s_Who), though since some of the information in that article seems to be quoting the Marquis web site, the usual caveats about wikipedia accuracy apply, only more so.

Anyway, since I'm not a "living" American, don't live in America, and some days I'm not even sure I'm a "living" Englishman, I don't think I'll be filling in the form (and I'm afraid I don't have Sting's email address). I'd love to know, though, who nominated me (or is that just a standard distractor from the fact that they're just raiding spammers' address lists, like everyone else?)

If it was one of the dozen or so people who buy my books (or maybe one of the slightly larger volumes of people who download them illegally!) , thanks anyway. :)

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