Since I've just spent several days at a major conference, you might have expected a flurry of blogs about it. And indeed, there's a lot more I hope to say about VB 2009, but I've been beset by a number of other issues that have demanded my attention, in and out of the blogosphere.

I did rather hope to comment on the excellent paper and presentation by my colleague Juraj Malcho on "Is there a lawyer in the lab?" on a topic that hits this industry pretty hard. You might think that there's malware and there's legitimate software. Unfortunately, that's become less and less true in recent years. Between the two there's a range of software from rogue antivirus to what ESET calls Possibly Unwanted Applications, and even stuff we regard as frankly malicious does, increasingly, generate unpleasant legal complications. So  I looked forward to the presentation and wasn't disappointed.

However, the ground has been cut from under my feet, because one of our competitors produced a very comprehensive review of the paper.

The copyright assignment terms mean we can't put up the paper itself yet onto the white papers page at However, we hope to put up a PDF of the presentation in the near future. Of course, we'll let you know here when we do.

David Harley
Director of Malware Intelligence