Virus Bulletin 2009 is now in full swing, though meetings and other issues have kept me from seeing as much as I'd like. Still, excellent opening and keynote speeches, and a very interesting talk on cyber-insurance from Pascal Lointier. (A bit of a first for me: though I've been attending VB most years since 1996 and have presented papers most years, I've never chaired a session before. It's a lot less nerve-racking than presenting.)

Our own Juraj Malcho presented his paper on "Is there a lawyer in the lab?" on some legal issues that arise nowadays with certain kinds of malware. Though I'd already seen the paper, the presentation was still pretty riveting.

Jeff Debrosse presented our joint paper on "Malice through the looking glass": cunningly, I'd concentrated on the reserve paper that no-one has asked for yet, so I was able to enjoy his presentation and just popped onto the stage for the questions at the end, So my nerves have had a good old holiday so far. As long as no-one else drops out so I have to present after all... :)

Unfortunately I had to miss the vendor presentations, as I had to deal with some email issues that I'm still working on, but I'm sure Randy has done his usual excellent job on ESET's vendor presentation.

Having a wonderful time

Wish you were here

David Harley
Director of Malware Intelligence