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The Register has reported that it cost Ealing Council, in London (UK) some £500,000 in lost revenue and repairs after a "virus infection" in May. According to El Reg’s John Leyden, the virus in question was Conficker-D, though because of differences in Conficker variant naming, it’s difficult to say exactly which variant that would refer to. Not that it matters very much at this point, I suppose.

According to the Guardian further costs to the Council include:

  • 1,838 parking tickets cancelled (total cost of £90,000)
  • libraries lost £25,000 in fines and booking fees
  • an unspecified amount of council property rent went uncollected (presumably the council expects to catch up with this, but will obviously lose out on revenue in the short term)
  • £14,000 spent on clearing housing benefit claims.

The cause of the infection has been traced back to a council employee who plugged an infected USB memory stick of some kind into a PC at work.

Now do you believe us when we tell you that you need to install the Microsoft patches that will stop Autorun executing from most USB devices?

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