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This is a research blog, not a marketing blog. Not that there isn’t a place for marketing (that’s what pays our salaries, in a sense!) and marketing blogs, but my guess is that most of our readers here would get bored quite quickly if we spent too much time on press-release type material, our latest VB100 award and so on. So while we will mention stuff like new product releases or information from the labs that might interest some of you, we try not to waste your time with gratuitous blowing of our own trumpets.

So why am I directing your attention to a very complimentary article  by the estimable Dan Raywood in SC Magazine? (Yes, another SC Mag article!) 

It turns out that Dan recently spent a few days in Bratislava talking to my colleagues over there, and said some very positive things about them. (As indeed he should: the European labs are very much the engine room behind our products, and they’re very, very smart people.) While I’m not at all averse to your reading nice things about expanding product ranges and marketing strategy, I think what you might find really interesting is the insight into how the operation over there works and get to know a little about some of the team members there.

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