A Motivation for the Twitter Attack?

Some people are speculating that the motivation for the Twitter attack was to try to silence one person. There are really good signs that the attack against an individual was what took down Twitter, but still we really don’t know. I speculated that it might be a show of force to try to sell botnet resources. It still could be that. If you’re going to demonstrate your weapon you still need a sample target. In this case it may have been killing two birds with one stone. Of course, this also is conjecture. We may never know the true motivation for the attack. Still, I have to believe that there are some criminal who were pretty upset at the loss of revenue when they were unable to attack the users of Twitter.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Yeah I also feel its a bit early to jump to any conclusions. The person target could be fog-of-war.

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