How Embarrassing

I wondered why a newsletter from “Windows Secrets” got flagged as spam. It is because they have reduced themselves to as much.

Near the top of the newsletter it proclaimed:

Remove the Conficker worm: register now

Conficker is one of the worst viruses in history and has infected over 15 million PCs. We are offering a special 60% time-limited discount to Windows Secrets readers. The Conficker worm went live on April 1st. Protect yourself with ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS!
ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS

Now, this is actually a paid advertisement, but the information is blatantly misleading. The Conficker worm did not go active on April 1. The Conficker worm has been active for months. On April 1 the Conficker worm changed an algorithm, that’s all. The Conficker worm is not one of the worst viruses in history. The worm is one of the most wide spread, but it is not known to have stolen data, as many threats have done. Conficker is not known to have sent spam. Conficker has not been confirmed as participating in DDOS for extortion attacks. Conficker has not been implicated in identity theft or credit card fraud.

When is willing to publish such sad hype and misleading information for a few bucks, you have to question the validity of any information they publish.

ParetoLogic is a Checkmark certified product, but their blatantly inaccurate and misleading hype is an embarrassment to the entire security industry.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • Great information Randy,

    Loved the piece on smart computing and have a solution in place rather then waiting for us in the media to alert everybody. Let’s face it, there are some consumers out there that believe the hype/reports is to get them to spend money and they resist thinking they don’t need it – stories like you just wrote that can back those ideas. Either way, the word needs to continue to be spread about the need for it and hopefully they will weed through the muck of thier expired virus programs that came with thier PC’s and realize they should pay the few bucks and get regular protection. Drive without the proper amount of oil in your car, it will eventually fail, same goes for virus software.

    Thanks again for your great post!

    Andy Taylor
    TechtalkRadio Network / KOLD TV

  • You have to consider their origins:

    They are essentially a “reformed” rogue anti-malware company, but it seems that they are not that all reformed, and it is a shame that the 2008 VB accepted a sponsorship from them :-(

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