April (1st) in Paris (London, Tokyo…)

…as I write, it’s past midnight here in the UK. In some parts of the world it’s already been April 1st for nearly 14 hours.

I have yet to hear any reports of melted PCs, disappearing internets, or institutions DDoS-ed into insolvency by Conficker.

I’ve just received email from a colleague in Sydney, where it’s business as usual, so I guess there’s no internet blackout working its way westward.

In another hour or so, Conficker will move onto its new search algorithm. That will make it more viable as a botnet, but there’s no indication that it will be doing anything else, at least not in the immediate future. However, we have a monitoring system to let us know immediately if by some remote chance it does, and we’ll put up a blog here if the internet is still {#`%${%&{`%`+’$&NO CARRIER

*Just kidding.  


Director of Malware Intelligence

* Yes, I know, that joke is almost as old as the internet. Nonetheless, thanks to Rob Slade for reminding me of it!

Author David Harley, ESET

  • M.


    Nothing happened?

    • Randy Abrams

      Of course something happened. conficker changed the way it looks for it’s controllers, just as it was programmed to do.

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