Rogue Security Software: Traffic Converter taken down

As we’ve mentioned here before, fake antimalware problems are a serious problem, both to the real security industry and to our customers. So it’s good to hear of action being taken against some of miscreants involved: more specifically, the takedown of the resurrected Traffic Converter site, a major player in the distribution of this particular form of malware.

This is directly linked to an excellent Security Fix artlcle by the estimable Brian Krebs which paid particular attention to Traffic Converter and Baka and their affiliates. Nice one, Brian!

An excellent example of how a journalist can make a real difference without breaking the law. BBC take note!

Brian’s article is a recommended read for anyone wanting to understand this phenomenon. For a lighter overview, a paper by ESET’s Cristian Borghello might be of interest (it’s a translation of his own earlier paper in Spanish).

A couple of other links that might be useful: Randy’s recent article here; our 2008 Global Threat Report here.

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Author David Harley, ESET

  • Victor

    eset failed to remove or detect this rogue security software: antispyware software so IDK who to believe anymore…

    • Randy Abrams

      No product detects all threats. Your best defense against rogue security products is to keep your system patched, including 3rd party applications, and don’t install them. When you see a web page that says it is scanning your computer and your computer is infected, unless you went to a legitimate antivirus vendor’s web site and initiated a scan, it is a hoax and you don’t want to click on anything, much the less open or run it.
      Licensed users of ESET products receive free technical support and you can get help removing the threat.

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