Virus Bulletin Anti-Spam Tests

Virus Bulletin have announced the results of a trial run of its new anti-spam product testing, where one product scored platinum, two scored gold, and two scored silver, based on their average scores in the test.

However, you won’t actually get to know which products they were on this occasion: quite rightly, VB has anonymised the results for this trial. Obviously, it will be more forthcoming with the results of the real tests.

The forthcoming test was discussed several times in VB’s spam supplement, and the article links to those articles, which are available to anyone who registers with the web site.

(Go on! Registration is free, and gives you access to lots of interesting stuff there. Some items are only available to subscribers, though, which is a pretty good reason for subscribing. )

There’s also a link to a full description of the trial and methodology. In fact, like VB’s anti-malware testing, this is an object lesson in transparency: if only some security product testers I can think of would follow VB’s lead…

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