Arggghhh Google

So far, Google’s response to my blog has been identical to the response you get from, except without the delayed and failed delivery notifications. Yes, I actually did get a delayed delivery notification from the email I sent to, and then later a delivery failure. I suspect that from Google’s perspective there is no such thing as abuse on

Other people have found the blog of interest though. Michael Horowitz commented on this in his article “Can we trust Google?” at In episode 44 of Ira Victor’s weekly podcast at the story made the “Tales from the darkweb” segment of the podcast.

Let’s contrast the Google response with, another popular blogging site. I reported a blog that had a link to cracks, among other things. I didn’t hear a peep back, but when I returned to the blog I was greeted with a message that the blog had been archived or suspended for violating the terms of service. Kudo’s to WordPress. I’ll report some more of the violations and see what happens.

Something to ponder. Google has a “service” called “Google Health” where they advertise you can keep your medical records online. Would you really want to trust your medical records with a company who is so blatantly pro-piracy? I sure wouldn’t.

Yes, 3 of four sites I have reported to Google are still up. It is unclear why the 4th site went away, but it is not likely that Google had anything to do with it.

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