Google – The Pirate’s First Mate

When it comes to software piracy, it is hard to find a more complicit, competent, and friendlier ally than Google, assuming you are a pirate. Google owns the popular blogging site “”. If you want to know how to illegally gain access to software, blogspot is probably one of the premier resources on the internet today.

NOTE: Many cracks and key generator programs are actually malicious software designed to steal from you. I do not recommend that you click on any of the results of the following searches. There is no honor among thieves and you will almost certainly get infected if you download the files they provide.

Copy and paste the following into Google searches and you’ll see what a powerful ally Google is to the pirates.

keys crack NOD32
keys crack Kaspersky
keys crack Norton

OK, I didn’t realize how friendly Google is to the pirates. I actually typed in “Notron” instead of “Norton” and Google helpfully asked me if I meant Norton.

keys crack Adobe
keys crack itunes
keys crack windows

OK, I know, you don’t care if Microsoft gets pirated.
The list goes on and on. If you want to find serial numbers and crack for programs, is your one stop free shopping mall, all courtesy of Google’s complicity. I do not fault Google for returning results of searches, I fault them for hosting the content to perform piracy on the blogspot web site they own and failing to provide reasonable redress.

Google’s PR folks will be quick to cite their policies against this sort of behavior, but it is much like me repeatedly hitting you in the face as I tell you I abhor violence.

Here are the problems. If I am alerted to a blogspot page advertising obviously illegal serial numbers for cracks of ESET products and I email, I get a delivery delay notification and no action. If I look further I am told that to report this type of activity, I have to actually send a hard copy complaint through the mail to Google. This means that it will take a minimum of 2 or 3 days to potentially get a web page with blatant piracy taken down. Meanwhile, courtesy of Google’s, the pirates can add another batch of sites, which will take a minimum of 2 or 3 days, to get taken down, at the expense of time and postage for the victimized company. There is no cost to post the pirate content.

There really is no freedom of speech issue here. We are not talking about instruction on how to crack some mathematical algorithm, we are talking about programs being freely distributed and advertised to illegally crack software.

Some of the software is hosted on responsible web sites, such as At Mediafire you send in a legitimate complaint and they act promptly to remove the illegal files.

Yesterday I contacted some individual people at Google for assistance. The “help” I got was largely limited to links that do not really help at all.

Of the links to blogspot pages that blatantly provide illegal cracks and or keys for software, two are still live. A different link I reported over a month ago is also still live.

If Google isn’t interested in manning the pirate ships, they need to have reasonable processes for reporting piracy and responses to reports of piracy. I understand that in some cases there may be gray areas that potentially require paper correspondence, but there are ample examples of outright piracy that require less intellect than the average hamster possesses to see what they are.

For today, the pirate ships of the Internet are largely manned and powered by Google’s blogspot.

The views and opinions in this blog post are mine and may not reflect the views and opinions of ESET, but I believe them to be indicative of the views and opinions of victims of Google’s blogspot  throughout the world.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • I’ve spent countless hours trying to get the people at blogspot to clean up the blogs which redirect users to fake security scanner sites and push any number of rogue security software.

    It’s all been in vain. I finally gave up. All they needed to do was add filters for the domains, they were always the same ones, day in, day out.

    Now I just use Blogspot for finding new fake scanner sites and it rarely disappoints.

    The captain of the good ship Google is more interested in the booty haul at the end of the day than anything else.

  • Sadly reporting anything to Blogspot and/or Google, is a complete waste of time. The amount of phish/spam and malicious sites I’ve reported that are hosted by them is an absolute joke. They could do something to take them all down and prevent it happening again, but for some obviously financial reasons (i.e. the bigger the number of users ….), they aren’t.

  • Hi Randy.
    Tie the blogspot sites up with RapidShare, for instance,(try a google search or alert with RapidShare as well) and you’ll find that most music ever written, especially if it’s under copyright, is there. I decided that it’s not worth battling against the tide for my artistic creations, and will work with the flow, not against it.
    Now while not being the same, the similarities between software and music are many – such as the amount of creative time going into it, it’s a money generating service and the fact that nowadays everything is ones and zeros in a digital file.
    Initially, I tried to use the abuse@ technique, but blogger asks for faxed proof of copyright ownership etc etc, so that weeks go by without any change in activity at all. To be fair, RapidShare pull a file if you claim copyright, but many, like that Swedish one in the recent news and the Russian or Chinese hosted ones, don’t. And even if the file is pulled, on blogger the offending ‘publishers’ (cough), are hardly ever stopped.

    • Randy Abrams

      I certainly don’t think that pulling the blogspot posts is a complete solution, but blogspot is one of the most, if not the most abused hosting site for piracy links. Google’s lack of response hints of complicity.

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