Perhaps this is a little relevant to some of our readers… We just released version 4 of ESET Antivirus (NOD32), and ESET Smart Security.

If you have a valid license, then there is no charge for the upgrade.

Take a look at for the “What’sNew” information.

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

Author , ESET

  • toe_head2001

    Will the program automatically upgrade, or do I need to manually download the new version?

    • Randy Abrams

      The upgrade is not automatic. for any number of reasons a person may want to choose to upgrade at a later time and we need to respect that. The installation of version 4 does not require yu to uninstall version 3, however a reboot is recommended after the installation.

      Randy Abrams
      Director of Technical Education

  • Arnaud

    and why don’t see just a message ?
    example :
    “A new version is available, click here for more information”

    Because I know lot of people are using Nod32 v2.
    They don’t go every day or Never on eset web site for see version…

    After there are infected by rootkits or “new generation virus” that v2 don’t detect and they change antivirus…

    thank you,

    sorry for my bad english

  • Luke Coulton

    You’ve spelt AntiVirus Wrong

    • Randy Abrams

      You are right! There are a coupe of ways to spell it, but all include the letter t. Corrected! Thanks!

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