It occurs to me that I should make it clear that this "top ten" isn't in any particular order. Like the other "top ten" suggestions by the research team that are likely to find their way here in the near future, they're all significant issues that need thinking about.

Point 9 (a short one!) is, don’t connect to just any “free Wi-Fi” access point: it might alter your DNS queries or be the “evil twin” of a legitimate access point, set up to intercept your logins and online transactions. (When I have occasion to see what networks are being offered me in hotels, airports, even in the apartment block where I live, I have to wonder how many of them are legitimate...)

Let's go back to a previous point, though, about issues with LinkedIn and other "Web 2.0" resources. In that particular blog, we were talking primarily about giving out sensitive information in public forums. However, if there's one thing that's become obvious in the past few days, it's that there are many other security issues with sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Let's be careful out there.

David Harley