Castlecops: End of an Era?

This is a sad item for Christmas Day morning. Castlecops have been making considerable efforts to fight crime on the Internet in many areas (surviving many an attack from the bad guys in the process) for a long time, but seem to have suspended the service on 23rd December. I hope there’s nothing more sinister behind this decision other than the difficulty of maintaining the service in the light of their other commitments, and wish Paul and Robin the best of luck for the future.

On a happier note, the ESET Research team would like to wish a very happy Christmas and a secure New Year to all our colleagues at ESET, our partners, our colleagues in the security industry, and all of you. Well, most of you. :-) To the bad guys we know read this blog from time to time, we wish everything they wish to us…

David Harley 
Director of Malware Intelligence

Author David Harley, ESET

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