After AVAR: Normal Service is resumed…

Given our recent attempts to keep the blog flow more consistent, you might have noticed that we’ve been very quiet for the past couple of weeks. That has a lot to do with the fact that Randy Abrams and I have been in India for a meeting in Chennai, followed by the AVAR (Association of Anti Virus Asia Researchers) conference. After the terrible incident in Mumbai at the end of November, it’s unsurprising and understandable that lots of people dropped out of both events, but the organizers deserve enormous credit for going ahead and producing great events. AVAR managed to produce a full conference agenda despite the non-appearance of many scheduled speakers and, even better, maintained a great atmosphere. There’ll be more about AVAR later, but I just had to congratulate the organizers on maintaining the reputation of one of the major anti-malware events of the year. ESET are proud to have been one of the platinum sponsors, as well as having contributed to the content of the conference.

David Harley
Malware Intelligence Team

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